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The Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata – Wedding Bells are ringing and you have been waiting for this day for years. Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding and may we extend our very best wishes to both of you for your future together. Indeed, it is the most gracious important day in your life and you deserve nothing but the very best. You spend months, possibly years, planning the most exciting and wonderful day of your life.
And here we are The Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata to photograph all the detail, emotion, excitement, laughter, and joy of your fairytale wedding. These are the moments you will cherish forever & we have expertise in capturing such memories. Our representatives have unique ways to shoot our clients and produce breathtaking photographs of them. We have highly talented individuals who have furnished modern tools and techniques to hand over beautiful visuals in a schematic manner. Our experienced team of professional wedding photographers, cinematographers, editors, and shooting coordinators will make sure we fulfil your heart’s desire hence we can proudly say that we are the Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata & produce the best Cinematic Wedding Films. Our speciality lies in an innovative, candid, contemporary style of imagery that captures all your precious moments most subtly and beautifully. Our wedding photographers believe in capturing candid moments in a way that when reminisced transcends you back to D-Day. The quality of our work and the out of box thinking put together the best moments of your wedding in a beautiful way. Our way of telling a story is unique, fresh & candid. Each wedding is special for us where we dedicate our heart and soul to present you with some glorious shots of your most special day. The Wedding Bells, the Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata makes sure that you relish all your rituals by delving into the moments photographed by them. Wishing you love life, laughter, and a happily ever after.

Pre Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photos make lifelong memories of the couple’s beautiful story. Here we focus on capturing natural moments, expressions, and real emotions shared by the couple. Such pictures make your album more vibrant and provide relief from regular wedding images as we provide unique Kolkata wedding photography.

Wedding Photography

Any wedding involves a lot of characters and includes all possible emotions and no wedding is complete without freezing the moments perfectly along with a cinematic wedding video. Here we are, the best Kolkata wedding photography, showcasing some selected shots from the different weddings we have been honoured to be a part of.

Maternity & Baby Shoots

The emotions, responsibilities – the whole journey of motherhood is unique to each mother to be. Ask any woman, and she will have her own story to tell. We try to capture the beauty of the Mom-to-be and the ever nervous but responsible Daddy-to-be.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Celebrating a Birthday or an Anniversary is special. It’s a day that only comes around once a year, and for this reason it should be a memorable one. It’s a unique day, just for you or your loved one! It’s all about feeling appreciated on your special day, or making the special person in your life celebrating his or her birthday, feel important, beautiful and appreciated.

Fashion & Events

The world of fashion photography is fast-paced. It focuses on portraiture, posing, extensive lighting, and beautiful locations. This genre is evolving and changing as many photographers find their own aesthetic. At times, we did conceptual shoots too. Some of them are showcased here along with few documentary assignments at cultural/corporate events.

Beyond Assignments

Wedding is seasonal, and rest of the year, not on all days we have assignments. But then, we can’t live a single day without our cameras and nothing can stop us from clicking. So, these are some moments we are sharing from our personal sphere just to show you what we click when we ain’t clicking you !